2017-2018 Staff

Jake Vanras

News Anchor

My name is Jake Vanras and alI think about is basketball, and J.P. I have 144 first cousins and think school is optional on Fridays.

Katie Clouston

Video Editor

Jake and Johnathan supervisor and cat mom.

Esmeralda Hernandez


Hi I’m Esmeralda. I’m under 5’, under 21, underclassman, and still at least 10 times better than you.

Trae Knabe


My name's Trae, I have a basketball game tomorrow. I play point guard.

Oceana Mooney


What up, my names Oceana. I'm seventeen, and I never learned how to read.

Kaeli Cunningham


I'm Kaeli, I love dogs, and at age six I was born without a face.

Lili Hernandez


I'm lactose lil, yes I'm Mexican and no I don't know how to speak Spanish. Senior.

Mel Hanby


My autobiography is entitled "How to Cause Problems for Yourself and Others"

Jonathan Prescott

News Anchor

My mom thinks I'm cute. My teachers think I'm a challenge. I think I'm great.

Bailey Lemkau

Rolling Reporter

Rollerblader, constant giggler, doin it for the thrill.

Blake Edwards


I won an Oscar for my performance in my birthing video. Senior.