JCHS SAGE Attends Pink Prom

Mel Hanby, Reporter

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Along with homecoming games, senior pranks, and spirit weeks, prom is a staple American tradition for high schoolers. From the promposals to the who’s wearing what, prom season is filled with fun and fanfair. However, there are many students who never get to experience prom the way most kids do simply because they may not feel welcome at their school’s event. For many kids in the LGBTQ+ community, prom is a nightmare. Dressing how you want or asking who you want may result in unwanted attention, problems with school administration, or in worst case scenarios violence. Because of these reasons, many gay or transgender high schoolers choose to forego prom altogether.

Enter Pink Prom. Pink Prom is an annual event where GSAs (Gay Straight Alliance) from all across the Bethel school district come together to organize a night where any LGBTQ+ identifying students can have an opportunity to be themselves and have fun without fear of violence or judgement. Over 300 kids of varying identities get to come together, dance, and enjoy a night that highlights gay culture and expression.

From the start to finish, an onslaught of rainbows and pride flags accompany any planning or fundraising. All participating schools vote for themes, submit songs, and can help plan and set up.

This year the theme was galaxy. Students who helped set up were able to strew neon lights, mirrors, glow sticks, and other sparkling effects around the twelfth floor of the Hilton in Eugene. Anyone who came early to help could also opt to get their hair and makeup done by professional stylists and drag queens, and then grab complementary pizza from the Coburg Pizza Co. when they were finished getting ready. Students who arrived as the party was starting were escorted by stormtroopers, bounty hunters, and other aliens to the dance floor. The prom’s own coordinator, who only an hour ago sported his usual business casual, was dressed in full Princess Leia cosplay, space buns and all.

There were aliens to take pictures with. There were classics (Take On Me, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Had The Time of my Life) and contemporary (Apple Bottom Jeans, Freaks, Cupid Shuffle) and gay (Hayley Kiyoko, David Bowie, Rocky Horror) music to dance to. There were beautiful space themed outfits and costumes to marvel at. There were pride flags. There were refraction glasses. There was a chocolate fountain! As always, it was a night to remember where every student felt accepted and free.

This is the second year JCHS SAGE students have gone to the event. Tickets were only available with a permission slip promising to keep the event safe for everyone. Anyone who is interested in attending next year can contact Ms. Lucir as prom season rolls around, or feel free to stop by SAGE club any time. Meetings are in Ms. Lucir’s room Thursdays and Fridays at lunch.

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