Pizza Politics

Kaeli Cunningham, Editor

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Amidst the endless tragedies that seem to be flooding the media, the good news that we have all been craving has finally arrived: Abby’s Pizza now delivers.


With this added feature, an important question now arises for citizens of the Junc: Which pizza place is more convenient? The main argument for Papa Murphy’s, as stated by Chelsea Merwin, senior, is that “Papa Murphy’s is more convenient because they’re so much faster–you don’t have to wait for them to cook your food, so you only have to be there for a couple of minutes.” Prior to Abby’s introducing delivery, Zac Mooney, senior, explained that their main advantage is the opposite: “If you’re really lazy, you don’t want to cook your own pizza. Abby’s cooks it for you, and you can avoid the wait time by calling ahead.” One hundred students were surveyed on which establishment they believe is more convenient, and Papa Murphy’s would have been a clear winner–if not for Abby’s delivery service.


Initially Papa Murphy’s had the support of 56% of students, but after being informed of Abby’s new delivery service, the results changed to favor Abby’s as the most convenient. Seventeen students changed their answers, bringing Abby’s support by percentage from 44% to 61%. Despite this, 54% of students prefer the quality of Papa Murphy’s, and for some people, quality beats convenience every time.


Still, for those who care more about being able to skip the hassle of going to get a pizza, Abby’s is trying its best to win your heart. For those of us who prefer the taste of Abby’s to begin with, delivery is just an added bonus.

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