Three Waterfalls Less Than Two Hours Away

Maddie Smucker, Reporter

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Oregon is known for its amazing natural beauty in it’s coastline, forests, lakes, waterfalls, and more. We are lucky to live in a very central location where many of these amazing places are closer than we think. Gathering up a list of the best ones that are closest to us is not a difficult task. Starting from the farthest away, Drift Creek Falls are located outside of Portland and are truly a sight to see. You are able to even travel over a suspension bridge. It is family friendly, only a 3.0 mile loop, and an hour and a half away.

Next in line comes Silver Creek Falls in the Silver Creek State Park that was originally created in 1888. This park is also an hour and a half away and include biking, walking, and horse trails. The South falls located in the 9,000 acres that make up the state park which is near Salem. The South falls are located where you do not have to hike to them but if you choose to venture through the 24 miles of walking trails you can find additional falls to explore.

Lastly, the local Sweet Creek Falls are only an hour and 20 minutes away and is open all year. It is located in Linn County on the way to Florence. It’s an easy 2.2 mile loop and is family friendly. The only downside of Sweet Creek Falls is that there are many slippery rocks but the view at the end of the hike is worth it.

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Three Waterfalls Less Than Two Hours Away