Q&A with Chico “Student of the Month: April” Guzman

Chico, Student of the month

Chico, Student of the month

Chico, Student of the month

Bailey Maxwell, Reporter

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Q) What did you do to earn student of the month honors?

A) To be honest, I don’t know. I ask them what I did and they didn’t tell me.


Q) Do you hope to be an inspiration to others? Especially minority students.

A) Yes, anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


Q) What was it like to see your principal?

A) It was great, I felt very respected.


Q) Are you a good example for other kids? How so?

A) I sure hope so, I try to be friendly to everyone and demonstrate my own academic success in the classroom.


Q) What is your school work ethic like?

A) I tend to study 6 hours on the weekend for AP History. Bandow teaches it and she’s awesome, but the class is very hard.


Q) What vitamins do you take on a daily basis?

A) Whatever my mommy gives me. The Flintstones! I eat the Flintstones.


Q) Are you enjoying the fame from winning Student of the month?

A) Yes, a lot actually. Never experienced it before. No one really noticed that I’m student of the month to be honest.


If you see Chico Guzman in the halls give him a Congrats or something along those lines for his hard work and dedication to JCHS.

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Q&A with Chico “Student of the Month: April” Guzman