Mastering Snapchat Stickers

Marley Bray, Reporter/ Sticker MASTER

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With all the new features that came with the new Snapchat updates, the most popular, or unusual one being making your own stickers.  If you’re wondering on how to master these so called stickers, then you’ve come to the right place. Personally I’d say I wasn’t very good at them at first, but with months of practice I’ve gotten good at it.  The first step to getting good at it is you have to find a good picture to use, embarrassing pics of your friends, teachers, dogs, anything funny will work. Next you have to outline the sticker pen right on the outline of the face, body whatever you’re outlining to make sure there’s no excess background on your sticker. Finally after you’ve got your sticker, you gotta find somewhere funny to put it.  Whether that be someone’s body or on a funny background, with these steps you’re sure to become a Snapchat sticker master. Stickers don’t only give yourself a laugh but also your friends. Got a good, funny sticker? Share it with your friends so they can send it to their friends! For example I made a sticker of Taylor Barron getting ready for her race and made her into a spider, or maybe it could be a sticker of your track coach dabbing.  No matter what the sticker is, you’re sure to make your friends laugh and maybe yourself along the way.

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Mastering Snapchat Stickers