Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Flushed by Legislators

Zoë Bennett-Wendell, Reporter

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Recently, over 160 colleges across the nation have now adopted gender neutral bathrooms. Saying that they are providing a safe space for people that do not feel comfortable going into gendered bathrooms, or the laws that are now being put in place. North Carolina passed a law that you have to go to the bathroom of the gender on your birth certificate. There were multiple consequences for this. Main one, people who were cisgendered (people whose gender identity matches the gender they were assigned at birth) were being thrown out of the bathroom they said was correct from their birth certificate, but didn’t have ID to show. Also, major corporations took their business elsewhere from North Carolina, a famous one being NCAA moving their march madness location from there.

With this in the news, more and more people have questions about gender neutral bathrooms. A bathroom where no matter your sex, you can use. This incorporates a lot of different kind of facilities. One most efficient being the single stalled bathrooms where you would see in small businesses, or big corporations like our local subway. These facilities only have one toilet, and can only hold one occupant, but yet we feel as though we need to decide what gender uses it. The kind of facilities in colleges are different though. It’s the normal bathrooms with multiple stalls with doors, like the one’s you would see in airports and movie theaters. This has made some people uncomfortable, thinking that someone saying they are trans will come in and sexually assault them. The facts are, this has never been reported. In fact, most sexual assaults happen by someone the victim knew.

Transgender people have commented on this issue, saying how this would be an improvement on relations with the trans* community. 1 in 4 trans women will be beaten to death. Facts like this don’t make it to a bunch of people, so people don’t understand, trans people are in more danger when there is gendered bathrooms. A fact is that passing transgender people, let’s say a trans male that looks like a male, a beard and everything. Now, making that person go to the women’s bathroom because that was the gender on their birth certificate will make the trans person uncomfortable and the women in the bathroom too.

This is all talk about a basic human function, going to the bathroom. How much can people talk this up to make it out to be way more than it is?

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Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Flushed by Legislators