Meet Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court Nominee

Bailey Maxwell, Reporter

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Born in Denver Colorado in August 29th, 1967 he would be the youngest supreme court judge Judge Neil Gorsuch of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit located in Denver, Colorado is a married man with two children. He was nominated January 31st by President Donald J. Trump who formally transmitted the nomination to Supreme Court on February 1st. Gorsuch’s first call after his nomination was to Merritt Garland Obama’s nomination while he was president. in his hearing he said “I’m heartened by the praise I did receive and the fact that they can see there isn’t a republican judge or democratic judge. There are only judges and they judge facts of a case.” He then later went on to re-uphold that belief of no political parties judges. He said he would not agree with the president and would go against him if the law was right. According to his numbers he has judged over 2,700 cases and 97 percent were unanimous, 99 percent were majority, and of the eight cases help in his courtroom looked at by the supreme court seven were affirmed.

But throughout the entire Supreme Court hearings he dodged questions, looked overly relaxed, and was laughing or joking some if not most of time he spoke. The only time he wasn’t laughing or joking was when he was telling a stat about himself or boasting statistics about himself.

The worst part of Neil Gorsuch is his “Frozen Trucker Case” where a truck driver pulled out onto the freeway and realized his breaks had froze up in subzero temperatures so he decided to pull over and call dispatch. He was told to stay there and they would send help, his trucks heat had broke earlier and didn’t work at all he had fallen asleep until around when his cousin called him and at 1:18 A.M. he was slurring his words and complaining his feet are numb and he can’t feel his chest; signs of hypothermia, so his cousin told him to call dispatch and get help immediately. He phoned dispatch and they again told him to stay, putting him in a life or death situation and his job on the line, they ended up firing him over his decision of not hauling his hazardous trailer on the 70 mile and hour free-way. Neil Gorsuch was the only judge that supported this company in its decision to fire this truck driver while they put him in a life or death situation. At the Supreme court hearing Al Franken (D-Minnesota) formerly of SNL, which he obscurely references in the hearing, got on Gorsuch for his decision and he had no answer for most of his question. When asked if he would want to be on the road with him he hesitated and said, “I..I..I.. Would I want to be on the road with him? With the hitched trailer or unhitched trailer?…. No, I don’t think that was a serious thought.” But yet he was in full support of that company firing him for not taking that trailer? Not only that he admitted to safety issues and hazards for the driver and other drivers on the road. When asked what he would do if it were him he said, “I don’t know what I would have done if I were in his shoes, but I empathize with him entirely.” Seems contradicting and fishy to me.

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Meet Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court Nominee