Chance the Rapper Donates 1 Million

Bailey Maxwell, Reporter

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Chancelor Johnathan Bennett more commonly known as Chance the Rapper donated a million dollars to Chicago public schools on March 6th, 2017 for Arts programs. He donated one million dollars to a programs that is receiving cuts and got a 215 million dollar funding bill vetoed recently by its governor Bruce Rauner who is republican. His reasoning behind declining the funding was that they needed to look into their own “deficits”, previously in February 2015 Rauner proposed $4.1 billion in budget cuts affecting higher education, Medicaid, state employee pensions, public transit, and local government support. Then in April he stopped all funding for programs helping domestic violence victims, autism, and homeless youth. Chance met with him prior to donating a million dollar to talk with him about his plans after vetoing the funding and said he got “Vague” answers as to what they were planning to do. The governor doesn’t seem to have the kids education and higher education as a priority. Chance donated the million dollars because he went through CPS and grew up in Chicago, since donating Michelle Obama has reached out on twitter to him thanking him for his donation. Hopefully his donation will spark other celebrities to make equal contributions, come on Jimmy Butler, Kanye, Dwayne Wade step boys help these kids get an education; be more than just a role model on the court or in musical term, give them a future and impact their lives like Chance is and buy into Chicago invest into US.


Author’s Note: I can personally relate to this and having budget cuts and state budget crisis. Oregon right now has a budget crisis and we have a deficit of 1.8 billion dollars and our state doesn’t approve a corporate sales tax on companies making over 25 million dollars a year. It’s disheartening that they can be deceived by commercials into thinking it’s a sales tax by the companies that profit off not having that tax in place when it would more than make up for our deficit.

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Chance the Rapper Donates 1 Million