Replacing “Obamacare”

Luis Bärwalde, Foreign Reporter

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The Republicans are trying right now to replace the health care bill started under previous president Barack Obama, also called, “Obamacare”, with their own health care bill. However many still want to keep the original bill from Obama. 11.7 million people benefit from “Obamacare and the uninsured rate dropped about 6% in 2013.  So I thought I would ask a few students for their opinion. The main question I asked was  “Should Obamacare be replaced?”, I also asked them why, if they think like this.


“I think it should be replaced, but I don’t really know because I don’t know a lot about politics.” (Ben Swancutt, Junior)


“I don’t know, I don’t really care.” (James Young, Senior)


“I don’t know, you’re asking the wrong person.” (Jonathan Prescott, Sophomore)


“I think it should be replaced but not by the Bill that the Republicans tried to pass. Obamacare is improvable and it should be improved.” (Shayla Solomon, Senior)


“I think Obamacare does a good job, almost 11 million people benefited from it and it is improvable. That way all Americans could get health care” ( Alexis Smyth, Senior)


“Depends on with what it will be replaced” (Chico Guzman, Junior)


“No, of course not. It helps a lot of people, and other people are being selfish that’s the reason why they think it should be replaced.” (Bella Motes, Junior)


“It’s working for many people but there is probably a potential for improvement” (Maddie Smucker, Senior)


“I don’t know.” (Dekotha Ansell, Junior)


“I don’t know, I don’t really have an opinion.” (Nick Hogan, Senior)


“No, because Obamacare benefits so many people and it would be just stupid to replace it.” (Marley Bray, Senior)



I noticed during the interviews how little knowledge of politics and things like health care there is at this school. It actually scared me a lot that many persons do not have an opinion about the politic in their own country. The interest should be more, with the situation of a new president who wants to replace the current health care bill that benefits a lot of people

and makes sure that they can afford to go to the doctor. This should be a part of Life,

Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness, the unalienable rights of the Declaration of Independence, the right to go to the doctors. During the interviews I noticed a second opinion. “The obamacare basics should say but the system is improvable.” This opinion came mainly from seniors who seem to have a better knowledge of politics than those in the lower classes. I can support this statement because no system is perfect but it cannot be the suggestion of the Republicans. It would let 24 million people without health care and this cannot be in the interest of a first world country.


An example for improvement could be the health care system in Germany. Everyone pays a certain percentage of their salary for their own health insurance. The amount of money relies on how much you earn not if you have a higher chance to get sick or other serious injuries. But the money goes not directly to the insurance companies, it goes first to the government who splits it’s up so everyone has health care. But there’s another option which could be translated as “private health insurance”. Private insurance is more expensive but you have a better service, you get for example doctor’s appointments earlier and many times even a different waiting room. It has also a higher coverage for hospital costs. But even the legal health insurance has a basic coverage so everyone can afford to go to the doctor.

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