Date Night That Will Make Your Tastebuds Dance!

Liliana Hernandez, Reporter

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Men and boys,women aren’t that hard to understand. We don’t want you to ask us where we want to eat, to us our perfect date you would already have it planned out, and maybe even keep it a surprise on where you’re taking us. Since finding a place is sometimes difficult I’ll help you all out. First, there is Ta Ra Rin, which is one of my personal favorites. It’s a Thai restaurant that serves up a delicious pad thai dish. This is a local place in Downtown Eugene and the prices aren’t too spendy. Depending on what you order, and what proteins you add to your dish, the prices range from 9$- 17$. It’s a perfect place for you and your lady if you are craving yummy Thai food.
A more popular seafood restaurant is Red Lobster, they have these cheddar bay biscuits that are mouth watering. It’s a great choice for a date if you want a more fancy feel and both like seafood. Their prices can range from about 15$- 23$, it’s a little more expensive because this doesn’t include drinks and dessert, but make sure you are saving up in that piggy bank!
P.F Chang’s is another yummy choice. They have these tables, that our shaped like half of a circle, so if you want to be canoodling with your date, you can while you eat! That isn’t even the best part. They serve soups, rice, seafood, meats, sushi, and have options for you if you are allergic to gluten, or for vegetarians. The seafood and meat entrees are on the spendier side, but you get a full plate of food. Sushi is right in the middle costing from 5$-15$.
If you’re looking for something new and diverse, Sabai Pacific Rim Cuisine is a divine choice. They have stir fry, noodles, rice and curry. They also have gluten free choices, not to mention all prices are under 20$. Sabai is located at Oakway Center in Eugene.
Oregon Electric Station, a comfortable ambiance perfect for you and your date. They have tons of options to choose from. A meal can cost you up to 40$, though. When your meal is finished and served, everything is beautifully arranged. The lovely presentation of the food will impress your lady… maybe could even earn you some brownie points.
Beppe & Gianni’s Trattoria , Eugene’s top Italian restaurant. If you’re going there you will get good authentic Italian food. Prices are reasonable, since it is tasty food, they can be up to 30$ or as low as about 10$. It is considered a fancier restaurant, so dress appropriately. After eating here, your date will be shook by the smooth taste of pasta and tender taste of the bread.

Now, don’t take your date to Red Lobster if she doesn’t like seafood, make sure to choose wisely and enjoy your date night.

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