New to Our Area, MOD Pizza

Arianna Santiago, Reporter

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The ultimate mix of Subway, and Chipotle have came together to form one whole new restaurant idea that includes one of America’s favorite staple foods: pizza. MOD Pizza, standing for “Made On Demand”, sells personalized pizzas in different sizes that are made by applying your choice of over 30 toppings and sauces, and then baked quickly in an woodburning oven. Their menu also includes several standard pizzas you can pick from as well as smaller side pizzas, like garlic bread, cinnamon strips, beverages, and salads. And, if you are anti-gluten for any reason, you can still enjoy a good pizza because they also have gluten free crusts.
The restaurant’s story begins in 2008 with husband and wife Scott and Ally Svenson in downtown Seattle. They wanted to create a special food joint that was different with good quality ingredients. On top of that they wanted to have a policy called “Our People-First Mission” that focuses on treating employees with massive respect and higher than minimum wages, with the idea that if you treat your employees well, they will treat others and the customers the same way. They believe in giving second chances to people who maybe haven’t had the best experiences in life. There are over 100 locations in the US and five in the UK. There are now two separate locations in Eugene, one on Coburg Rd. and the other on 29th street just past the intersection with Willamette Rd. They are open 10:30-9pm Sundays- Thursdays and 10:30-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. If you’re looking for a cheap, delicious meal, with speedy service, MOD pizza is right up your alley.

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New to Our Area, MOD Pizza