The Power of the Baby Box

Lili Hernandez, Reporter

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Free baby boxes for every newborn baby! The Scottish first minister made the announcement at the end of her party’s conference this past October.
Every new parent gets the 40 items included in the box, with all the essentials: clothes, diapers and toys, formula and everything a baby needs. This small gesture could help so many families, the great thing is every newborn gets it regardless of family income. Every baby starts life with the exact same platform.
Scottish first minister, Sturgeon borrowed this brilliant system from Finland. Finland believes that the box symbolizes that every child is equal. The box has been used successfully for 80 years; it has reduced infant mortality rates dramatically and has helped families with money problems. Families would usually be spending up to half their income on a nursery not counting all the money needed to meet the baby’s needs. After seeing the ongoing success of the baby box Sturgeon brought it to Scotland. “It’s a simple idea with a proven record in tackling deprivation, improving health and supporting parents, and I’m proud and excited that the pilot is now under way,” stated Sturgeon.
The feedback so far has been both good and bad, some parents think that the baby box is a thoughtful gift for their newborn and helps greatly. Others have stated that they don’t need most of what is in the box and that they don’t want their baby to be sleeping in a box because they already have a baby bed for their newborn. The feedback isn’t what Sturgeon expected but it’s only the first year of this idea that is supposed to be making a big change, over a longer period of time.

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The Power of the Baby Box