Kate Brown, Oregon’s First Bisexual Governor!

Katie Coulston, Reporter

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The first bisexual governor in the United States is Oregon’s very own Kate Brown. She is the 58th governor of Oregon but only the 2nd female governor Oregon has even had. Brown was elected as governor on February 18th, 2015. Despite the fact she was only elected as governor at the beginning of last year, she has been working for Oregon for more than 25 years.
One of Kate Brown’s main focus is education. Infact, she has been working on improving high school graduation rates while in office. The largest investment in K-12 education in the state’s history was made by her. Along with K-12 she has reduced community college’s tuition to as little as $50 per semester in hopes of more people attending and getting more education.
Another of her focuses is the people’s rights. Kate Brown has successfully raised the state’s minimum wage to $9.75. She has signed a bill called the Family and Medical Leave, that makes sure insurance companies cover annual breast exams. Prior to becoming the governor, she worked as a child advocate. Brown was originally a juvenile and family law attorney, and she worked with the Juvenile Rights Project.
Kate Brown passed the Oregon Equality Act and Family Fairness Act to protect LGBT rights. Brown’s experiences, personally and professionally, have driven her to be an advocate for women’s rights. Those experiences have always pushed her to make sure that everyone in the state of Oregon lives openly and with dignity no matter what their sexuality.
Being such a huge advocate for the people’s rights has made her time as governor successful in this reporter’s eyes. The next election is November 2018. Equality for everyone is something she wants to reach while her time in the office.

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Kate Brown, Oregon’s First Bisexual Governor!