Two Sides of Mexico

Marley Bray, Reporter

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As Spring Break approaches, everyone starts thinking about traveling and Mexico seems to be a popular spot to travel to. It is also a popular place for graduation trips or even summer family trips. Some people believe “actual Mexico” includes places such as Cancun or maybe Cabo San Lucas; whereas the places in Mexico that I have traveled to are deep in the heart of Mexico, where it is super overpopulated and the streets are falling apart and filled with stray dogs. Places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta attract tourists because of their sandy beaches and paradise-like vibe to them. Just outside of Mexico City live people making a living in the streets, with children selling candy, trying to bring money home to their families. The streets are bustling with cars where Mexico’s citizens travel back and forth to the little markets on the corners or to the local Domino’s pizza. While visiting Mexico City we visited the Teotihuacan pyramids, just outside of Mexico City. While at the pyramids, I expected to see locals, but ran into a diverse group of people. I saw people from Great Britain, Asia, and many other countries. Along with the pyramids there are people selling their products for money, haggling prices with you and convincing you it’s the lowest price. Eating from the little stores on the corner of the street was a likely occurrence, at taquerias, etc. One night we ate at a Domino’s right down the street from where we were staying; of course it tasted a little different than ours here, but was still pretty good. In the center of Mexico City is an very popular market called Plaza de Artesanos (Artisans Market). Here, you can shop for anything from jewelry to clothing to alcohol. While the days are filled with people going back and forth to jobs and home, the nightlife is a different story. Hearing music blast at 2 in the morning is a normal occurrence with parties progressing till early hours of the morning. Yet, if you are looking for a more “paradise setting” beach vibe, Cancun is more appropriate. Especially if you’re looking to party in the sand. Similar to Mexico City, Cancun has their own famous Mayan ruins like El Rey. Along with being a pretty sight, it holds untold stories and buried history. Mexico holds adventure for anyone who searches for it, whether you’re looking for paradise or unknown history of the big country.

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Two Sides of Mexico