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Cross Country Team Runs at Ash Creek Invitational

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         JCHS’s Cross Country team went to a new meet this year in Monmouth, right next to the Western Oregon University Campus. They all got to sleep in, which they all cherished because the last two meets they had to gather at the high school at very early hours in the morning. On the bus the excitement exploded, all being super energetic and ready to be with their team and to do what they love; running. “We have gotten really close as a team this year, and we have already made a lot of great memories at practice, on the bus, and at meets.” said Pete Frazee, the Boys Varsity Captain.

        Arriving there, they all greeted the middle school cross country team who had just finished running, and started conversing about how the race was. Their advice became irrelevant quick. The higher the temperature, the higher number of people in the medic tent. You see, this is a different kind of course than some of the runners were used to. It was a flat field that they ran around twice, and there were only two hills. In previous races, they have been running in what looks like a hike, and was much more hilly. Some runners like flat courses, some like the hilly ones, depends on the runner. Monmouth was very hot that day and some people didn’t hydrate the day before (because drinking for a race a day before is the smartest way to get ready for a run, along with good sleep, which this team had before.) so some runners didn’t do as well as they could, or even had health emergencies. “I did awful, very bad.” Michel Vargas told me, who competed on the Varsity team which ran third, after the JV boys and girls races. Some runners did really good though, after this race our girls checked their spots in league on, excitedly. Shayla Solomon, the Varsity Girls Captain, is now 1st in league, Sydney Thielman is 7th, and Arianna Santiago is 8th. Even with some struggles with the tougher race, our team was victorious, if not for the team but for themselves. That race was very hard on them mentally, and they really pulled through, nothing can stop them now.

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Cross Country Team Runs at Ash Creek Invitational